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"From the moment Tom walked into our home and looked around, he understood the true value of it. He was committed to pricing our home based on the quality of the work, like the custom windows, moldings, cabinets and appliances. He focused on what the home offered rather than what it didn't offer. He also had knowledge of the type of buyers that would be interested in the location of our home. Unlike other realtors we talked with, Tom knew what the buyers for our area would be willing to spend to get a house like ours in the location of our town. He priced our house at almost $100K more than the other realtor we had gotten a price from. In a short time, he found us a buyer that was willing to pay more than the asking price. I would definitely recommend putting Doyle Real Estate on your yard sign if you're interested in having a knowledgeable realtor willing to get you the most money for your house."

Michael & Lisa, Middleton (Seller)

"Tom will go the extra 10 miles to get the job done. I thoroughly respect and appreciate the hard work and dedication before, during and after the sales process."

Scott from Middleton (Seller)